Mt. Apo, Davao

Mount Apo
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Mount Apo is best known as the country’s highest peak towering at 2,954 meters (9,672 ft) above sea level located between Davao City, Davao del Sur, and Cotabato Province. Being the highest mountain and volcano in the country, Mount Apo is also known as the Grandfather of Philippine Mountains.


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It is also one of the best nature spots because aside of being the most popular climbing destinations in the country and a climber’s dream destination, it also houses the Second World’s Largest Bird and Country’s National Bird called the Philippine Eagle. Not only that, the mountain is also an home to over 272 bird species, 111 of which are endemic to the area, 69 families of amphibians, reptiles and mammals and 118 species of butterflies. Plus the fact that the King of Fruits called the Durian grows abundantly to this area.

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